This is Our Journey. Part 3: Anger can be Conquered.

This is me! At that time, I always pray that all mosquitoes would wake up and hoard on him.Sometimes.But alas! The Lion of the tribe of Judah protects this man till morning.

He snores, farts, and turns as if conversing with Jesus, Father Abraham, Paul, Elijah and John the Baptist. . . while I am hyperventilating with raging fury, on the other hand. At that time his farts don’t even smell, because I am so angry!😤😤

At that time, my thoughts lead me to magnify any errors done during the day. Breed my obsession to take everything personally. At that time, I try to hush down the silent whispers of the Holy spirit, because well, Mr. needs to know that he is wrrrrroooonnggggg!!!!

And I have the right to have things the way i want.. . .but then I realize that I have control over what I think or should feel. I actually don’t want the mosquitoes to chew his lips out. I want him to be well. I want us to be well. 🥹

Yes he could have pissed me beyond measure but deep down, he’s still the crazy wild guy I fell in love with and growing in love with.He’s still an amazing husband, an amazing Daddy to our little ones,my best friend, my chatty, gabby hubby. . . and well, I still love our tittle-tattles throughout the day.At this time, I ask the Lord to grant me sleep and kill all the mosquitoes for me, and go to sleep.

In the morning, he turns, “Hey bae, good morning.”Am tempted to unearth my wounds, then the Lord says, “Not that way!”So I swallow my hard pill, “Am good love, just that you hurt me yesterday and I felt that you were inconsiderate.”He says, “Am so sorry, I know. . .am sorry. . .did you sleep in this, I didn’t see. . .🤸”

Jesus, Father Abraham, Paul, Elijah and John the Baptist, and all the heavenly hosts clap hard.I made it! I did not let my anger lead me to sin. . . Ready to conquer another devilish battle. Anger can be conquered.Our journey continues. . .

#marriageworks #Godspeed#OurJourneyTogether

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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We are John and Mary Munene and we…