Turbulent Spirit Vs a Gentle Spirit.

We took off in bad weather and 30 thousand feet above, it was not any better.
The turbulence was too much, and at some point, I had to whisper a prayer asking God to direct our flight, and calm the turbulence because everyone was on the edge, whispering in low tones to each other.
Up there, was raining, foggy, with clustered dark clouds. Nothing was pretty.
In the midst of all that, there was a young Caucasian lady, whose eyes were closed throughout the journey.
Probably she was sleeping, probably praying, or she simply didn’t care.
I don’t know. Or maybe she was so used to taking off in bad weather, that it became common to her. I had no idea.
All I could do was pray. Days later, as I was returning back, I reminded God that I needed some clear skies and trusted Him that He would- ( yes I have come to trust God with the nitty-gritties of my life).
He did It.! The sky was so blue, so peaceful, and sunny. The atmosphere was glassy. I could clearly see below.
The gilded streaks of the sun rays caressed my skin, while the clouds looked like scoops of white ice cream. It was amazing.
Immediately, two things crossed my mind.
Do I have a turbulent spirit or a gentle spirit?
I remembered the word, 1st Peter 3, where Peter urges women to have a calm and a gentle spirit.
I clearly related the word, to what was happening around me.
The Lord asks us, as women, to have a calm and a gentle spirit.
Occasionally, I tell my hubby to rate me, and vice versa. It’s important as a woman, to ask your husbands to rate you, so as to know if you have improved, or if he needs you to make amends to a couple of things.
Rating each other has helped us to grow in our marriage. I get to know his needs, and he gets to know my needs.
I couldn’t resist the urge of wanting to know again, if I have a gentle spirit or a turbulent one, but well, at 28,000 feet above, there are no signals.
So, if the physical turbulence is not desirable, what of a spirit that is?
I am no better, and many times, I have asked the Lord to help me take a rebuke.
I know it takes a lot of strength to admit when we are wrong, ladies. It takes lots of maturity to say, I am wrong, am sorry, forgive me.
We presume and assume we are right, just because we have a strong intuitiveness, or we “feel” this not right but that is.
It takes God to overcome the vanity that comes with self-attitude. Me, myself and I attitude.
We don’t want to be corrected because, “Who told her she is better than me?” We would rather make the mistake.
We have allowed our hearts to be governed by the spirit of manipulation. We can get obnoxious, untamed, immoral, selfish and self-aggrandizing, many times. We prefer to be pampered with lies, than being set free by the absolute truth.

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We would rather have a clique of ladies who never tell us that we are not living right, than have one true friend who will be real with us – you, no malice, just a true friend.
The Bible says in Proverbs 9:8; Correct the mockers, you will invite insults, correct the wise, and they will love you more, so which category fellow lady do you belong to?
I tell people nowadays having a true friend requires prayers just like when praying for your “Boaz” to find you!!
We have so many Jezebels’ and Delilahs’ while the modern Esthers’, Abigails’ and Ruths’ are fearful of standing up for the truth because they will lose their friends! Hello!
Unless we decide as women, to change, to seek the Lord’s face, our homes will not stand.
You will not stand. You will be shaky, of a fretting spirit, loaded with a heavy yoke, tossed to and fro with unbecoming doctrines, teachings and ways. You will be sucked up in any vortex.
Walking right is lonely, being the only one who says the truth is lonely, being the only one who has decided to overcome every vain talk is lonely, the path is narrow!
Being molded is lonely! The Potter’s hands are no joke! But, there’s always a greater reward!
1st Peter 3 talks of a wife adorning herself with the inner beauty, that doesn’t fade.
It doesn’t mean that your outward beauty or your make up is a sin. I beg to differ with that doctrine. In fact, you should look good for your hubby, whatever goes right with him, whatever pleases his eyes!
The Scripture talks about the calm spirit.
That which a wife should always exude.
Unfortunately, many have taken it to mean that you should keep silent, no! That to me is a questionable doctrine. One that concentrates on religion rather than the true word – the true word of the Lord which emphasizes on relationship not performance. After all, performance can be faked.
If you have a personality that’s outgoing and bubbly, that’s how God created you. You can still be outgoing but with a calm spirit. Your hubby loves you, so keep it!
Meekness is a calm confidence, settled assurance, and rest of the soul.
It is the tranquil stillness of a heart that is at rest in Christ. It is the place of peace.
Meekness springs from a heart of humility, radiating the fragrance of Christ.
Proverbs 31:21 says this; “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”
There are always storms that come in everyone’s life. Loss of a child, miscarriages, sicknesses, people slandering your name, malice from your close friends, but can you laugh?
It’s hard I know, but after the trial is over, or are still in it, can you laugh?
Are you clothed with strength and dignity?
Is the joy of the Lord your strength?
Can you as a wife, refuse to be sucked in regret, pain, hurt, unforgiveness, and decide the joy of Lord will strengthen you?
A woman who is turbulent and frets is like quick sand. Not anchored on Christ.
“You are not getting married like your peers?” “Oh your biological clock!” You fret and land on a “Bozo”, instead of Boaz finding you. 1 year later, it’s not working out and you want out.
Turbulent spirit.
You are not conceiving and you go look for a witch doctor  to sort you out- (who use juju), because your mother in law wants his son to have a baby.
Trust me, you can have all the sex in the world, with all the Kamasutra positions for easier conception, the witch doctor  can give you “juju”, but it’s the Lord’s hand that makes that baby!
Sarah waited for 30 years.
Rebekah waited for 19 years.
Hannah waited.
Rachael waited.
Elizabeth waited.
Mary waited. So why go to a juju man?
Turbulent spirit.
Your friends are getting promoted quick and easy. How? They sleep with their bosses!
Don’t you know that promotion doesn’t come from East or West but from the Lord Almighty?
He promoted Joseph in a foreign land.
He promoted Daniel in Babylon, still in a foreign land.
He promoted David, the son of a mere peasant.
He promoted Moses the stutterer.
He promoted Rahab the harlot to be in the lineage of Jesus Christ.
He promoted Saul the persecutor, to Paul who spoke the unadulterated truth of the gospel.
So why spread your legs for a man who is not your husband, has no slightest inclination or idea of even settling down with you?
He can’t be seen the public domain with you, all he does is take you to a room, sleep with you and leave you there with a bottle of champagne?
Don’t you know you are the daughter of Zion?
Don’t you know your worth, woman of God?
Don’t you know this Christ who is not limited by your background or where you came from?
Turbulent spirit.
Your girlfriends drive the latest Porsche, Chevrolet, Jaguars, Cadillac, and shop in Dubai.
They have their own businesses and live in Roslyn.
You live in a neighborhood that you don’t want anyone to know, board a noisy mat daily to beat the traffic, and are often caught up in the rain.
The atrocious desire of living a high end life haunts you daily, and soon, you succumb.
Well, simple, you hook up with a ‘sponsor’.
Gal, don’t you know you have a Father who owns silver and Gold?
Cattle on a thousand Hills belongs to him?
He is Jehovah Jireh. He needs you to be faithful with the one talent, yet you can’t!
Material vanity is all that has crowded your mind!
Turbulent spirit.
Your hubby angers you and you eat the daily bread of unforgiveness and bitterness.
Your heart is hard, the word of God can’t pummel you.
All you want is vengeance.
Is it your work? Vengeance belongs to the Lord.
Instead of letting the Lord you sort, you sort yourself out! You become contentious, slowly breaking your marriage with your own two hands.
Turbulent spirit.
Let God sort you, like he did for Esther and Abigail.
You care too much about who said what, your life revolves around suggestions made by everyone and anyone.
You live by compliments.
You are so boggy, nothing holds. You are a sinking sand, can bend quickly, can succumb quickly, can compromise at any minute.
Turbulent spirit.
You security is in cash, materialism, how many dresses you have, where you hang out, the celebs who surround you.
You cannot trust in the Lord who is, the Lord who knows when to give you this or that, you cannot trust God’s will, His faithfulness, His way, you would rather go through shortcuts.
Turbulent spirit.
The everyday worries of life shake you and move you.
Peace is foreign to you, not because you can’t have it, but because you choose to worry instead of casting you cares.
You choose to walk alone, instead of having the rest in times of storms and laugh at the days to come.
He says His strength is always made perfect in out weakness. Proverbs 31, 2nd Corinthians 12:9.
Turbulent spirit.
You are manipulative. Everything has to go your way.
You wield power over everyone and anyone. You make others feel irrelevant. No one has a different opinion, no one should challenge your way, otherwise, it will be another fight.
You cannot submit to your husband’s authority, you cannot submit to your wife’s needs. You are simply difficult.
Turbulent spirit.
You gossip way too much, worse, you slander and speak lies about your brother or sister, you sit in a seat of mockers, where truth is not spoken, always in agreement with them, you can’t ask why, or confirm.
Turbulent spirit.
A calm and a gentle woman does not entertain suspicions or assume the worst concerning others but reacts based on first-hand knowledge.
You are hurt, I know, and it’s big, but can’t forgive, that’s a turbulent spirit.
Bitterness will kill your spirit, holding onto offenses and hurts will create a rift between you and God.
Remember that, the sin that was committed to you, is not any less a sin than unforgiveness. Ask God to heal you.
Do not entertain a turbulent spirit. Cast all your cares unto him, He cares.
Rest in His promises and Faithfulness.
A calm spirit, grants you the “VPN” to know God’s will.
A calm spirit prays, then rests in His promises, knowing that the Lord is in control.
A calm spirit is not defined as a quiet lady. No. A calm spirit is one that’s not filled with anxiety, or stirred up with worry.
A calm spirit is gentle, peaceful, having laid all burdens to the one who can carry them for you, having submission to the Potters hands.
A woman with a calm spirit is not rough or whipped like the raging seas. She is STILL and deep.
A calm spirit trusts in the Lord, and trusts Him to change everything through prayer, no wonder the Proverbs 31 woman will laugh at the days to come, because she is not troubled.
A calm spirit is filled with a little baby’s innocence. It says, “Daddy will take care of me”. It rests in storms.
A calm spirit is not overbearing, it’s not manipulating.
A calm or a quiet spirit, is one that is not turbulent or easily fretted.
A calm woman, knows how to sieve, what is beneficial to her she takes, what is not, she throws away.
A woman with a quiet spirit is not easily shaken, easily moved, easily turned away from the right path, she is not easily worried.
She knows her God, she is not reckless, she knows her place, she knows how to stand with her two feet, and she is decisive, with purity of heart, body and soul.
Her confidence is in the Lord, not her friends, her expectation is in the Lord, and she listens to Him through His word.
Her decisions are hers, she is not influenced by her peers in the wrong direction.
A calm spirit can discern the people around her, who are to be with her.
She knows her seasons in life, and who should be in her season and why.
She moves when its time to move because she knows that the Lord is a God who moves us from one level to another.

We are John and Mary Munene and we love the Lord! Christ is our all in all! All we are is by God’s grace. Apart from having our individual careers, we are ardent bloggers, authors and misters of God's word. We have been blessed with two amazing children. A beautiful daughter and a handsome son. We love adventure, anything with lots of adrenaline is always a ‘go-thing’ for us! A cup of coffee next to a fireplace and a good book always does good to our souls! Hope you enjoy this blog!

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