It’s easy for one to stagnate in life based on the two categories of people aforementioned.
Avoid these people at all costs.
Why do I say so?  Manipulative people are generally insecure about themselves, so in turn they will make you doubt your every move, your calling and your purpose and all that God has placed in you.
They will make you question your actions, distract you and tip the scales to make it appear that you need them because “you cannot be without them!”
They are simply draining, and in reality, manipulative people have emotional deficiencies that feed off you.
If you are in a relationship with a man who is manipulative, chances are that you will not ask him any “hard” questions because “he feels hurt by them.”
You, may feel that you shouldn’t ask him anything that requires lots of discussion after all, “he’s so good and I don’t want to hurt the chance of being in a relationship with him.”
If you are in a relationship with a controlling, manipulative lady, you will never make a decision to quit that toxic relationship because she will cry her eyes out, threaten suicide, pull an act, then you will go back and the vicious cycle will continue.
She will always say how “she misses you and she made a mistake,” but it’s all a red herring.
She pries on your fragile emotions and lack of decisiveness as a man.
Manipulative people are good actors, and wear their masks perfectly.
If you are not keen and decisive, you will fall for their theatrics.
Eventually, they take away your self-confidence that you can’t think on your own! Your existence will be pegged on what they say. You end becoming co-dependent on them.
This applies to both genders.
You can have manipulative girlfriends or you can have your fellow men who exude such tendencies.
People who are in category two, do not tell you the truth.
They simply watch you getting entangled with the wrong guy or lady and don’t tell you! They watch you make mistakes that will deeply wound your esteem, scar you forever, but they chose to keep quiet and say nothing. Listen! That is not a true friend!
A true friend cannot watch you drown and simply fold his or her hands.
Watch out for people who smother you with hugs and kisses yet they are perfect traitors.
They are toxic to your growth.
You need people or a person who will tell you the hard truth that sucks to swallow but will breathe a fresh scent in your life!
You need someone to tell you No! Or wait.
No! Do not break that marriage.
No! Do not rush into settling.
Wait… Why is that guy in a hurry to sleep with you?
You need someone to tell you the truth openly and without bias or having their own prejudices.
You need people who will not try to deodorize your failures, or transgressions, but people who will tell you when something is wrong, and help you get back on your track without stabbing your back.
You need builders not onlookers – who don’t want the hard work of tending to the relationship, but are good at shouting down the hallway when you fail!
You need true friends who can help you cross life’s hurdles with minimal effort.
So avoid these people who do not tell you the truth.
In light of that, you should also be careful to discern if these people you have around, are telling you the truth to help, or they are simply jealous.
Be careful not to open up your dreams to them that you have not verified.
Your comrades are not your confidants.
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We are John and Mary Munene and we…