As we continue the series on singleness, I would like to bring to attention some of the things you might do as a single person before the Lord gifts you another gift of marriage.

Marriage is great, but why lie, it doesn’t give room to spontaneity as much as when one was a single.

Paul tells the single people to be concerned by the things of the Lord – the Lord’s affairs – for marriage will have its own distractions.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you cannot serve the Lord in marriage.
Funny enough, married people are more committed to the Lord – probably because marriage needs prayers!

But marriage has its own distraction(s).
My husband has to put my needs first and I need to put his first.

I cannot claim that I serve the Lord yet leave my home in shambles and relegate my homemaking to the house-help.
That’s not godly!!

I cannot just wake up in the morning and decide that am leaving for morning glory at church without first of making sure everything is set and in order. Johnny can’t do the same either.

We have to agree.

Serve the Lord while you still have the energy.
Go for those missions and overnight prayers while you still have the time.

Commit your energy to the Lord because in Him, there will be plenty of harvest.
While at it, do not do it to be seen, or spotted. That you are a guy or lady who prays or sings so much.

You cannot expect a harvest in a place where you have not sown a seed.
So sow a seed in the kingdom of God. When a time comes for harvest, God will for sure give you a helper to help you harvest in abundance.

Do it because of your genuine love for Christ.
Do it because you get satisfaction simply by being in the presence of the Lord.
Do it because it’s your purpose, not your strategy of getting a spouse.

Hope for Christ more than marriage. Rejoice in your temporal season. While at it, be cautious of whom you spend your coin on, by coin in this case I mean time.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”252q_” via=”no” ]Hope for Christ more than marriage. Rejoice in your temporal season[/ctt]

Do not use the excuse of being in the church so much, that you cannot be accountable to yourself or them that you work for.

Everything has its own place. there’s a time for everything. Do not arrive at work at 12 pm because you spent the previous day in an overnight prayer meeting.

That way, you will be blaspheming the word of the Lord rather than preach with your actions.

Love the Lord yes, but let everything be done in decency and in order, just as the Bible says. [1st Corinthians 14:40].

Know your gift and put it into use.
Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength.


There is a very big misconception among the singles today.

You think that marriage will fix your lust issues, time management issues, financial accountability issues, daddy issues, mammy issues and any other issue that you could be battling with.

You think that you will suddenly change the man because what he needs is “your love!”
You think that you will change her esteem and insecurity issues once you put a ring a her!

It’s all a big fallacy!

Marriage in fact, shows you who that person is on the inside.
It’s like a magnifier! It brings into focus the person that you have committed your life to!

Love the Lord, but learn to love yourself before you commit yourself to someone.

If you have esteem issues, whether he calls you beautiful of not, you will still feel unworthy.

If you are insecure about yourself, trust me, marriage will not make you feel secure either, as a matter of fact, you will turn contentious! Always thinking that your husband is flirting with everyone, yet the problem lies in you.

No one can esteem what they are not aware of. No one can esteem you better than yourself!
You cannot esteem yourself if you are not self- aware.! Be confident in yourself and your God given abilities.

Trust me, it will help you “not settle”, and you will ask the hard questions that need to be asked before saying “I DO!” – not thinking that that man is doing you a favor by being with you!

Oh yes! Self- awareness will turn you from the chosen to the chooser!

[ctt template=”8″ link=”bA8OF” via=”no” ]Oh yes! Self- awareness will turn you from the chosen to the chooser[/ctt]

I think of myself as a chooser, my hubby thinks of himself as a chooser – we both chose each other!

So love yourself.
Do things to improve your worth.

Nothing is interesting unless you are interested. So be interested in yourself first.
Hug yourself! Love yourself! Take yourself out! Date yourself!

Be your first love!

Single’s series continues…

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