Why Grandpa and Grandma Never Divorced – Part 4

4. Men knew who they were!

The are four dimensions of any a man alive – a son, a brother, a husband and a father.

In the old times, a boychild became a son after the adoption by the father. The adoption happened when the boychild was all grown up, past the adolescence stage and was ready to take up responsibilities as a man.

The father would publicly declare that this was his son who has now become a man. It was an open initiation into the arena of men.

Before the adoption, the boychild had to go through thorough training, meticulous upbringing and exhaustive apprenticeship.
He was exposed to life from different dimensions and angles. Like clay in a potter’s hands, so were his heart, mind, body and soul at his father’s disposal.

He was taught. He was ready and eager to learn and if not, he didn’t have an option. There were hurdles that he had to clear before he was called a son.

As a brother, he learnt that he can’t exist on his own – he was his brothers’ keeper.
He had a band of brothers, from both his bloodline and age-mates around his homestead. Men that he could call upon and be there for in times of trouble. From this premise, he developed strong bonds and lasting friendships.

With such a solid foundation, it wasn’t hard for the son to become a husband and subsequently, a father.

A tree is as strong as its roots. His identity was well cut out. He knew his role not only in his family but also in the society at large. He understood the importance of raising responsible children for his own sake and that of the community.

A son gets his identity from the father.

When Jesus was a child, we never hear him being called the son of God, though he was the Son of God. When he was twelve years, an adolescent, he was left in the temple courts for three days sitting with the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Much understanding was found in him.

When his parents asked him why he was left, he told them that he had to be in his Father’s house!
The deep calling unto the deep!

We never hear much of him from that time until the day he was baptised by John the Baptist.
He was a full grown man. He had been tested and tempted in all ways and prevailed. Now it was time the Father publicly acknowledged him and adopted him as His son, give him responsibilities and his mission would thereafter begin.

God, the Father, acknowledged him with a voice from heaven, with so much clarity, before the magnitude and said ‘This is my Son, my beloved Son, who I am well pleased with. Listen to Him’.
From that very moment, the three years of his ministry began and ultimately fulfilled his Father’s will.

The problem with us men nowadays is that we want to become sons without growing up!
We want to become husbands before we become sons. We want to become fathers before we become husbands.

As a result, we have a circus of childish men, sons who do not know what fatherhood is all about.

A man without identity is a loose cannon. He will look for his identity in things and in some cases, in his prowess of pleasing women.
These ultimately leads to a lost and clueless man who is not only a danger to the society but to his very own existence.

So Mr, you have a whole lifetime to be a man.

There’s no hurry in growing up, but you must grow up someday and show yourself a man.

Court wisdom, woo knowledge, charm understanding.

It’s a journey not for the faint hearted.
It’s hard being a man.
But we are built for this.
It’s in our DNA!

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